Happy Valentine’s Day

wedding inviteHappy Valentine’s Day! We are all, unfortunately, sick today but at least we are together. I woke up yesterday morning and felt so nauseous and continued to be very sick for the rest of the day.

Poor Justin was also sick and when I called my mom to see if she could watch Avery for the day, she ended up having the stomach bug five times worse than I did. We are a sad sight! I took care of Avery but it was hard. Really hard. Stomach bug and caring for an infant are a bad combination.

Thankfully today we are feeling a little better. I was able to eat some applesauce and oatmeal. Justin’s fever broke so he’s on the mend. My mom said she is also able to finally look at a TV screen. How awful to be so sick that your eyes hurt too badly watch TV.

It’s not such a romantic day today, but at least we are together.

Recently I found that Tiny Prints has an amazing line of greeting cards. I decided to try them out for Valentine’s Day and I was so impressed. I didn’t feel the need to send cards to anyone but family members, because people are just going to toss them out anyway. For $3.99 at Tiny Prints, you can get personalized cards with your photos, the same cost as a card at Hallmark. Here are the fronts of the cards that I made. Everybody loved them! Justin’s was my favorite.

The invitations came from Hello Lucky. I look around at probably 30 different websites and stores until I found what I wanted. I thought that they were really pretty and went with my “garden” theme and also the color scheme. They are part of the “Architecture” collection.

Nothing too fancy here. I told the photographer that before we left I wanted a “thank-you” card picture. I’ve seen this done several times before and thought it would be a cute thing for people to get in the mail. I printed off the two words on cardstock on my printer at home. I made two copies with two different fonts so I could pick out which one I liked better in the final product.

Justin’s mother gave me this hankie for a shower gift back in April. It was solid and I thought that I should really get it embroidered for the wedding as my “something blue.” I found a girl on Etsy to do the monogramming for only $5 and she was quick! Her shop is Charmingly Delightful.

If you haven’t read before, I l.o.v.e.d my dress. It is by Mikaella Bridal, a sister company of Paloma Blanca. I originally fell in love with some Jim Hjelm dresses but realized they were totally out of the budget. I found this wonderful company and was thrilled with the quality!

This was the first pair of shoes that I tried on and I loved them. There is something about them that is so vintage glam. I remember trying on my dress and my shoes and thinking I love it! They are by Grace Footwear.

Oh my beautiful bridesmaid’s dresses. J.Crew really knows how to make them! The above Sophia style in silk chiffon for the bridesmaids and the below Juliette for my maid of honor. Very lightweight and comfortable for the summer time. Also under $200 which is a plus! I’d go for these any day over a polyester bridal shop gown (for twice the price!)

Don’t they all look fabulous? The parasols I mean! Ha! They are from Luna Bazaar. They shipped quickly and looked great. They have a wide assortment of styles, sizes and colors but I thought that the rice paper parchment would look nice against the greenery of the garden.

Yum, the candy buffet! I bought all of the candy locally in Richmond at For the Love of Chocolate. Green apple twizzlers, Haribo strawberries and cream puffs, Jelly Belly cotton candy jelly beans, pink and green rock candy, Jelly Belly champagne bubbles, green apple gumballs, and Trolli green apple rings. It was a hit. I just wish we’d had more candy to go around!

Glassine bags for candy from Paper Mart. I think it was about $40 for 1,000 bags. I’ll probably have them until I’m 45. Stickers for candy bags at Sticker Me Chic on Etsy. Please do note that I did have problems with the color that was printed out for the stickers.

Her computer and mine gave obvious different shades of pink so I was a bit bummed when they came in a little different than what I thought they would be, but overall she gave me good service and tried again to make me happy without charging me. I did order a green “thank you” sticker for attendants gifts that turned out beautifully.

I had these signs made by Pink Design Events. She was great to work with and did a wonderful job on the signage and the monograms for the signs and programs. Quick design and great pricing. I would highly recommend her!

See how awesome the monograms are? I ran into my friend Julie at Target about two months before the wedding and almost broke down telling her how frustrated I was that there was so much to do and that I wasn’t really getting any help (and on the verge of firing my wedding planner!).

She literally swung into action figuring out what she could do to help. Well, below is her amazing and wonderful program that she designed for me. Does this girl need an Etsy shop or what?

They were each five different sheets of paper that she printed off and cut and lined up and stapled and hole punched and ribbon tied. She is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s and I cannot thank her enough for her help. We bought the cardstock and ribbon at a local craft store.

More beautiful signs and a monogram. Frames from Target!

Guest book from Michael’s Crafts.

At the last minute my friend Julie came up with this beautiful “Wedding Wishbowl” sign and she printed off the wish cards too. Again, amazing! The wishbowl cards are in Strawberry and Charteruse from Paper Source (one of my most favorite websites and stores of all time).

Wedding Wishes!

Here is our guest book table. My mom took some of my bridal portraits to a local photo shop and had them printed on canvas and they framed them for the table. There is also a beautiful engagement portrait in the center that was taken in October.

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